About Aimee Ruhinda, Emma Skyum and Lizzy Tan

A Good Scare is a Wonderful Aphrodisiac by Aimee Ruhinda

Enter this occult trip mixing earth and blood, poetry and pornography, a spell is cast against suppression and obedience.
This piece explores the witch archetype as a reborn feminist symbol, using fantasy realms to interact with human reality in celebration of the rebellious potentials of the gothic psyche. This ceremony awakens primal essence through Butoh ideology, oversaturating the raw real to become surreal. The coven holds a mirror to your deepest fears as a mechanism to better understand them, shapeshifting into their inner demons to confront and reclaim the self. Join us to cackle in the face of logic.

About The Artist

Aimée Ruhinda is a London-born performance artist of Ugandan and New Zealand heritage. Her work explores contemporary art through movement, choreography, and digital media. Recently graduating from Trinity Laban with a First Class BA Hons and winning the 2023 innovation award, Aimee purses the creation of immersive installations that engage the viewer on a visceral and emotional level.
Her practice embraces the dark side of the mind as a voice for societal transformation; striving to challenge traditional notions of beauty, disrupt identity expectations, and dismantle stigmas surrounding mental health.


Cast and Credits

Dancers: Alessia Tomassi Marinangeli, Ana Noakes, Chiara Martina Halter, Ellie Broom, Kiera O’Reilly and Zuzanna Wasiak
Photographer: Grace Richardson

LEUCA by Emma Skyum

Dedicated to the passing of time, self-realisation, and acceptance, LEUCA is a reflective and introspective choreographic work about queer discovery. A female solo unfolds using hyper-presence and minimalism to create physical images of sensitivity and vulnerability. The work reflects longing for connection, between the self and reality. Its introspectiveness, the silence it offers, and the headspace it represents. Movement stimulated by lived experiences, its distinction between empty space and imagery. Finding pleasure in presence. Finding pleasure in the minimal. Moments of passion, of desire, in whichever movement scale. LEUCA allows for improvisation; For movement to become moments of conversation between one body and many; And for the story of LEUCA, abstract, to simply exist and be.

About The Artist

Emma Skyum is a female artist from London, United Kingdom but based in Berlin, Germany. Born and raised in Denmark, she began her dance training at a young age nationally and internationally. Emma continued her pre-vocational dance training at 15, joining the Danish Talent Academy where she was introduced to classical ballet and contemporary dance. She then moved to start her professional dance training at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. In 2022, Emma got accepted to Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company's International Dance Journey Program and moved to Ga'aton, Israel for five months. Here, she was offered the opportunity to create her first-ever choreography for the stage DYSMORPHIA which was presented as part of the show Nitzotzot in Zichri Theatre in December. Upon her return to the UK, Emma was awarded the DanceWest Fest 2023 Emerging Artist Commission to create her choreographic work SUJAMIT which was presented as part of the Community Dance Platform at the Rose Theatre same year.

Emma Skyum

Cast and Credits

Choreography: Emma Skyum
Cast: Emma Skyum
Photography: Liam John Hill
Sound: Milen Apostolov

Revolver by Lizzy Tan

What is new work in the era of social media 'templates,' endless cloud storage and meme-ory? Revolver reflects on authorship, archive and repertoire in the contemporary artist’s navigation of digital and live cultures. This solo stitches together material captured over a decade from the choreographer’s archive, performed on-stage and through interactions with projections. Revolver presents the body as an avatar - interrogating the boundaries between past/present, archive/repertoire and citation/creation.

About The Artist

Lizzy Tan is a dance artist and movement director based in London. Lizzy's creative practice and solo performances centre on the philosophy of image and representations of the femme performing body, drawing upon feminist and queer literatures, literary criticism, art history and philosophy. Her solo works and shared practice as Fimbo Butures have been selected for Assembly Festival at the Edinburgh Fringe, London's VAULT Festival, The Place's Resolution Festival, Camden People's Theatre's 'Calm Down, Dear' Festival, Cohen New Works Festival and Dance Source Houston's 'Mind the Gap.' As a movement director, Lizzy has worked with actors and choreographers, and led several workshops on choreography and image in the US and UK. Lizzy is a Chisenhale Dance Space Activator.

Lizzy Tan

Cast and Credits

Creative Direction Consultant: Carly Lave
Artist Collaborator: Frieda Luk