About BOP Jazz Arts: Day of Dance Practice and Participation

BOP JAZZ ARTS - Day of Dance Practice and Participation is a jazz-packed day devoted to dancers, practitioners and jazz dance enthusiasts, with an array of exciting Masterclasses led by a stellar line up of established international jazz dance artists and choreographers. Each masterclass reflects and references the lineage of dance styles rooted in the jazz dance canon. Explore and experience the rhythms and beats of African dance with Bafana Matea Solomon, the high energy of musical theatre with Robbie J. McMillan, the creative pulse of jazz theatre repertoire with Dollie Henry MBE and explore the flow of lyrical jazz dance with Nafisah Baba.

The day delivers a diverse and inclusive pathway that drives the UK jazz dance narrative forward into the 21st century. The BOP Company brings together an incredible line-up of established national and international industry practitioners, to deliver a day of exciting and informative jazz dance theatre masterclasses. Be enlightened by the beats and rhythms of African dance to the creative expression of artistic jazz theatre repertoire. Embrace the energy and buzz of musical theatre jazz, to the blended lyrical trends of the jazz dance idiom. All dance masterclasses offered are designed for professional dancers, dance graduates, advanced dancers and student dancers with at least 3 years technical dance training.

Do not miss out on this exciting day of all things jazz dance!

Daily Schedule [10am – 6pm]

10.00am – 11.30am | Afro Jazz Grooves with Choreographer and Practitioner Bafana Solomon Matea
11.45am – 13.15pm
| Creative Jazz Theatre – with BOP Jazz Director/Choreographer Dollie Henry MBE
13.15am – 14.00pm
| Lunch Break – [45 mins]
14.00pm – 15.30pm
| Musical Theatre Jazz - with Leading Musical Theatre artist Robbie J. McMillan
15.45pm – 17.15pm
| Lyrical Contemporary Jazz – with Leading Dance Theatre artist Nafisah Baba


Tickets for each individual Masterclasses is £15.00 each.

Book 4 Masterclasses and get a booking discount offer of £50.00.*
Book 3 Masterclasses and get a booking discount offer of £40.00.*
Book 2 Masterclasses and get a booking discount offer of £28.00*

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About the Artists

BOP Jazz Theatre Company brings together an incredible line-up of established industry jazz dance and theatre creatives, to deliver a day of exciting and informative dance masterclasses sharing their many expressions of the jazz dance idiom.

Meet our Masterclass Leaders:

Bafana Solomon Matea -
will present his incredible class of African rhythms and grooves
Afro Jazz Grooves with Artistic Director of Griots Dance Collective and international choreographer and performer Bafana Soloman Matea who is also an Alumni of The Alvin Ailey School, brings his deep-rooted style, specialising in a fusion of Afro-centric jazz movement and rhythmic embodiment.

Dollie Henry MBE
– brings her exciting creativity with BOP Jazz Theatre repertoire
Creative Jazz Theatre Repertoire with award-winning Artistic Director of BOP Jazz Theatre Company UK and acclaimed international choreographer and practitioner Dollie Henry MBE will be sharing her unique expression, creativity and original narrative style of the BOP Dance Theatre repertoire to explore and engage within.

Robbie J. McMillan
– provides a taste of his West End musical theatre energy
Musical Theatre Performance Dance with international and West End dance artist, choreographer and dance teacher, Robbie McMillian who will bring his high-octane energy and style of choreography direct from the West End stage to the dance studio.

Nafisah Baba
– shares her unique lyrical style and expression
Lyrical Jazz Fusion with award-winning dance artist (BBC Young Dancer 2017), Nafisah Baba, who will share her delicate, yet dynamic lyrical jazz dance style, that embodies and expresses a fusion of jazz, contemporary and classical dance genres.


BOP JAZZ ARTS - Day of Dance Practice and Participation is a partnership between BOP Jazz Theatre UK, Jazz Theatre Arts UK and The Place.


  • : Afro Jazz Grooves Masterclass
  • : Creative Jazz Theatre Masterclass
  • : Musical Theatre Jazz Masterclass
  • : Lyrical Contemporary Jazz Masterclass