About Handful of Nothing

Handful of Nothing, was emotional storytelling at its most potent: visceral, tender and shot through with hope.

(Audience Review)

Tilly’s incredible talent, playfulness and emotional openness has us transfixed from start to finish.

(Audience Feedback)

Heartbreakingly beautiful... Handful of Nothing captures the nuance and weight of what it can mean to exist in a human body.

(Audience Review)

This is a life-affirming show about prevailing against the odds... Tilly’s breathtaking physical prowess, had the audience enthralled from beginning to end.

(Audience Review)

A palatable tale of an eating disorder and recovery.

She's at a threshold. Again. Weighing up her options. Hungry for autonomy. Craving for others to decide. Heavy with choice. Light with emptiness. Aching to fly away.

Handful of Nothing is a unique fusion of ingenious story telling, innovative aerial choreography, puppetry, dance, text and song. Taking you on a poetic journey full of surprises, this tale playfully (believe it or not!) explores confronting our inner demons, battles with addiction and questions of worth and weight.

Accompanied by a beautiful original score, Tilly will give you an insight into the puzzling place of limbo in which she often finds herself.


Growing up in London, Tilly grew up singing, dancing and performing, discovering circus at 18. She completed her degree at Circomedia, in static trapeze and physical theatre. Tilly creates multi disciplinary work, challenging perceptions of circus and theatre, to create unique and exciting aerial work. She was resident circus artist at The Roundhouse 2018-2019 and Associate artist at Deda 2019-2020. Her acclaimed solo show 'Ripe', directed by Mish Weaver, has toured nationally, and was selected as one of the top three pieces of Resolution festival 2018. Working credits include: Extraordinary Bodies, Stumble Dance Circus, Cirque Bijou, Full Tilt Aerial Dance, Stacked Wonky Dance Theatre, Metta Theatre and Rosemary Lee.

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Performed and devised by: Tilly Lee-Kronick
Director and designer: Mish Weaver
Composer: Isaac Lee-Kronick
Lighting design: Jenny Roxburgh
Costume designer: Poppy Lees
Mentor and writing support: Matilda Leyser
Creative Provocateur: Ben Duke

Co-commissioned by The Place, and Arts Council England. Supported by The Lowry, Jacksons Lane, Dance East, Circomedia, Jerwood Arts and National Centre for Circus Arts