About The Mountain Witch

Speedwell Dance’s amazing performers wove spells as powerfully as The Mountain Witch did. No child could resist being drawn into their joyful interactive world.

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An adventurous tale from Speedwell Dance of seasons gone awry, an ancient and powerful witch and the determination of children to put things right. Join musicians and dancers to awaken scampering creatures, tiptoe past the Mountain Witch’s cave and finally convince her to let the sun return.

A playful and inclusive experience for children aged 3-8 years and their grown-ups. With inspiring dance, songs and original music played live on clarinet, flute and cello.

About Speedwell Dance

Speedwell Dance create immersive worlds in which skilled artists and audiences of all ages interact through dance and music to bring stories to life. Based in West Yorkshire, the company are quickly establishing a reputation for high quality, truly interactive performances.

Thumbelina and The Mountain Witch are two touring productions co-created with children through extensive play sessions in community settings including their own weekly session Move and Play. Thumbelina toured to over 30 venues across the UK during 23/24, including as part of the Rural Touring Dance Initiative.



Director: Rachel Dean
Composer: Oliver Dover
Songwriter: Zoe Katsilerou
Design: Ruth Piggott
Performed by and created with: Aine Reynolds, Tora Hed, Michael Bardon (Cello), Oliver Dover (Clarinet, Kaval, Oud), Joel Stedman (Clarinet, Flute)
Design: Ruth Piggott

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