About Islands

(...) Performed with unpretentiously exquisite care, WANG’s succinct work is both physically and emotionally touching.

(Donald Hutera, Writer of Springback Magazine, on previous piece 'Beings', 2022)

(...) beautifully produced, superbly danced and thoughtful (...)

(David Mead, Seeing Dance, on previous piece 'Beings', 2021)

The plasticity and musicality of the action are very concentrated, in the tradition of oriental poetry, like Haiku (..)

(Afonso Becerra, Erreguete–Revista Galega de Teatro, on previous piece 'Beings', 2024)

“Every big fish has a fisherman’s name written on its back”— an urban legend started WANG Yeu-Kwn’s journey of creating Islands.

Through visits and conversations with the Indonesian dance artist Danang Pamungkas, WANG Yeu-Kwn tried to seek the connection and relationship between our body and the land, and to gradually recollect and identify who we really are as islanders.

Through dance, we will be able to glimpse at the tenderness of the land, and the delicate energy sprung from the bond between human beings and islands.

About Shimmering Productions

WANG Yeu-Kwn is the founder and artistic director of Shimmering Production, a Taiwanese dance company focusing on creating contemporary experimental works, and building up movement workshops for the general public.

choreography project A Trilogy — Quest of Relationships started with Beings, a piece that has been recognized for multiple awards and has toured internationally in Europe and Asia. Islands, the second episode, premiering in autumn 2024, is a co-commission from the National Theater and Concert Hall, Taipei and the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying), and residency sponsorships of The Place (London, UK), and Kinosaki International Arts Center (Japan).


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Cast & Creatives

Choreography: WANG Yeu-Kwn
Performance: Danang Pamungkas, WANG Yeu-Kwn
Dramaturgy: WANG Shih-Wei
Set Design: CHEN Guan-Lin
Lighting Design: Joanne Shyue
Music Design: LIN Yu-De

Islands is a co-commission by National Theater and Concert Hall, and National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying); the piece also received residency support from Kinosaki International Arts Center (Toyooka City, Japan) and The Place (London, UK), and is sponsored by FACP - Clare C. & Friends Fellowship.


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