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(The Times, Pulse 2023)

First-rate artistry.

(Danza Danza Magazine, Pulse 2023)

...utterly compelling.

(The Times, Pulse 2023)

Endlessly Inventive.

(The Observer, Pulse 2023)

Escape to the edge of your seat for a double bill of National Dance Company Wales’ signature blend of brilliantly crafted, life-affirming dance.

August by Matthew William Robinson

"As the sun set everything changed."

AUGUST is inspired by sunsets - a space between restraint and recklessness. AUGUST is about endings and saying goodbye; about the changes that fling us together and tear us apart.

Bathed in the fading colours of dusk and the neon accents of night, AUGUST navigates a sensual landscape shifting between the perilous and the beautiful.

AUGUST is an artistic collaboration between choreographer Matthew William Robinson, composer Torben Sylvest, designer George Hampton Wale, lighting designer Emma Jones and the artists of National Dance Company Wales.

Skinners by Melanie Lane

We live in a digital age. We use filters to blur reality and avatars that disguise our identities. We talk to AI, and it talks back to us. We are teetering on the edge of a thrilling and terrifying future where the human body glitches between flesh and illusion, fact and fiction.

Beyond the fantasies that technology makes possible, our humanity remains. How do we return to the physical world, and to the skin we are living in?

Skinners by Melanie Lane, an Australian choreographer of European and Javanese heritage, features new music from composer Yamila Rios, costume designs by Don Aretino and light from Welsh designer Ceri James.

National Dance Company Wales


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Choreographer: Matthew William Robinson
Composer: Torben Slyvest
Costume Designer: George Hampton-Wale
Lighting Designer: Emma Jones


Choreographer: Melanie Lane
Lighting Design: Ceri James
Costume Design: Don Aretino
Composer: Yamila Rios

Frontiers is supported by the Colwinston Charitable Foundation.

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