About Out There, In Here

Who is this creature who gradually emerges out from within?

Hello. Ebony Rose Dark here.

In this, their first full length work, Notorious VIP (visually impaired person), Ebony articulates in movement and words what it is to be ‘seen’ and ‘not seen’. This will be Ebony’s world for you to experience. In their own particular way, they embark on a journey to reveal themselves and that world to you. Having always centred the queer disabled experience, audio description is present throughout Out There, In Here. This work culminates in a spectacular explosion of Ebony’s glamorous world, glittering with joy and…wings.

About Ebony Rose Dark

Ebony Rose Dark is your all singing/all dancing, Lip Syncing, Story Telling, Miming V.I.P/ Visually Impaired Cabaret/Performance Artist.

Ebony is known for her performances around Disability, Ableism, racism, and relationships within the LGBTQ+ community particularly through The Royal Vauxhall Tavern and Bar Wotever – where Ebony first emerged.

Alongside renowned performances at various UK Prides, Hoopla, Marlborough Pub & Theatre and regularly with David Hoyle, Ebony has been focussing on accessible Cabaret for LGBTQ+ Visually impaired people.

Ebony has been an integral part of Brownton Abbey; Cripping the Arts Symposium, Toronto; Unlimited, London; Queering the Crip / Cripping the Queer, Berlin.

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Creator, Choreographer, Performer: Ebony Rose Dark
Creative Assistant: Charlotte Darbyshire
Dramaturgical Support: Orrow Bell
Access Dramaturgy: Quiplash – Amelia and Al Lander-Cavallo
Original Composition: Jules Maxwell
Costume Creation: Ryan Dawson Laight
Lighting Designer: Marty Langthorne
Creative Producer: Steven Brett

Arts Council England; The Place; Candoco Dance Company; Marlborough Productions; South East Dance; Wysing Arts Centre; Hanover Community Centre