About Jazz Conversations

BOP continues to thrill with their world-class fusion of jazz dance and live jazz music. Energetic, engaging and entertaining. An original class act.

(Touches of Miles – Claire Martin OBE)

A testament to the rich jazz dance ecology in London.

(Up Close & Personal Stephanie Burrell, Dance Art Journal)

Award-winning artist and choreographer Dollie Henry MBE and jazz composer Paul Jenkins, bring an exciting, original and innovative evening of jazz theatre to The Place this Autumn with a double bill: Footprints in Jazz and Touches of Miles.

BOP convey the spirit and vitality that lies at the very heart of the jazz idiom, providing a visible platform to share original jazz dance theatre. With new musical jazz scores, a live jazz ensemble and a company of highly talented jazz theatre dancers, BOP continues to break boundaries as the catalysts for UK Jazz Arts.


FOOTPRINTS IN JAZZ is a suite of contemporary jazz dance theatre works, that captures the individual and collective expression of BOP. Every step and every story will take you on a theatrical journey, that represents the richness and depth of Paul Jenkins original jazz compositions and Dollie Henry’s enthralling choreography performed by the dancers of BOP company.


Touches of Miles pays homage to the life and music of jazz trumpeter & composer Miles Davis. The production brings to the stage a riveting live jazz ensemble who bring to life Miles’ classic compositions including, All Blues, Milestones and more. The music lays the canvas for a captivating narrative of jazz dance theatre, that colourfully weaves through each musical variation, capturing the cool enigmatic character reminiscent of a true jazz music legend.

About BOP Jazz Theatre

Body of People Jazz Theatre Company aka BOP, founded in 1996 by jazz creative artists Dollie Henry MBE and Paul Jenkins, is the UK's premier Jazz Theatre Company. BOP have produced and delivered performances and educational programmes across the globe, and are dedicated to the ongoing legacy, artistic development and creative practices of the Jazz Theatre art form. Through a diverse and inclusive pathway, BOP drives the UK Jazz Arts narrative forward into the 21st century.




Founders and Artistic Directors: Dollie Henry MBE (Creative Director/Choreographer) & Paul Jenkins (Composer/Musical Director)

Creative Team:

BOP Senior Producer
– Raj Pardesi
Lighting Designer
– Joshua Harriette

BOP Company Dancers:

Nafisah Baba, Valentina Dolci, Annie Blomfield, Ilaria Breschi, Alice Miano, Lara Renaud, Harley Charles (Apprentice), Melvin LeBlanc, Oraine Frater
Guest Youth Dance Company

BOP’s Award winning UK/International Jazz Musicians

Julian Siegel (Tenor Sax)
Jay Phelps (Trumpet)
Rob Barron (Piano)
Neil Charles (Double Bass)
Noah Ojumu (Drums)
Jo Caleb (Guitar)

BOP Jazz Theatre Company is working in partnership with The Place and supported by Arts Council England.

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