Who can attend the midweek classes at The Place?

Our midweek classes are usually for London-based students or those who can access The Place easily after school. For students who live outside of London, CAT will reimburse costs of a contemporary and ballet class in your local area.

When are the midweek classes?

Tuesdays: Senior (ballet and contemporary dance)

Wednesdays: Junior and Intermediate (ballet and contemporary dance)

What does the fee/ grant pay for?
  • Classes, project, intensives and theatre trips
  • Additional classes outside of CAT for those who are unable to attend midweek classes
  • Travel as agreed at enrolment. This is usually paid for students living outside of the M25
  • One CAT uniform per year and CAT hoodie
Are you graded in ballet?

We do not grade our students or follow any syllabus, the ballet we teach is to underpin our contemporary training. Although it is not graded, progress is consistently monitored across all classes. Students are streamed in classes according to age and/ or ability, if students are attending and working to the best of their ability they will, without doubt, progress through the streaming sets.

Can you explain the screening process?

We screen our students once a year to monitor their growth, health, and to understand how to develop and tailor fitness and strength whilst safeguarding against injury. This is an opportunity for our highly trained physiotherapists to give them tools to strengthen their bodies with knowledge and information.