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Clean Break mini documentary

We have been collaborating with Clean Break, a theatre company working with women with experience of the criminal justice system, for over 12 years, and this relationship has developed from delivering short courses to full creative movement projects.

This year’s project was an ambitious one: In just four days, the group created A Wondering Willow Dreams, a site-specific immersive performance with artist Sara Dos Santos, LCDS student Darinka Bojarquez and Clean Break Volunteer Celeste Cahn. Both dancers and audience members travelled from the Clean Break courtyard, into the welcome area, before ending in the black box space. The performance was accompanied with filmed projections, created by Nur Hannah Wan, highlighting the gentle and detailed movements in sections of the piece.

Sara Dos Santos says

A Wondering Willow Dreams explores the beauty and wonderstruck rhythms of nature and drew inspiration from trees and nature to inform our movement and creative process. Our four-day explorative process commenced with play, individual movement inquiry and ended with a joy-filled collective contribution towards the creation of the final piece. Thank you to The Place and Clean Break for this impactful opportunity to not only empower such incredibly talented individuals but also learn from a range of creatives at different stages of their careers.”

Maria Ryan, Creative Learning Producer for The Place, says

"The group performed with such clarity and confidence, which I could see had been gently nurtured throughout the rehearsals, and I was so proud of the maturity and professionalism of the performers and the movement they created. It felt like a very special development of the work we, The Place and Clean Break, have been building together over the years. I look forward to next year’s project!”

Jacqueline Stewart, Clean Break’s Head of Participation and Deputy CEO, said

“Our women ended the first full year of the Members programme back in our amazing building with a huge joyful event to celebrate their achievements, attended by a mixture of women from our community. These workshops and the trauma-informed support, build confidence, self -esteem, skills, creativity and sisterhood. Congratulations everyone!”