About Do Re Mi Ka Do

Join the party as sound, colour and movement combine to take family audiences into a limitless world of imagination, where children are encouraged to play and creativity knows no boundaries.

Through humour and fun, de Stilte explores the connection between movement and sound–a body ticking, a mouth gasping, a belly bulging, a foot stepping–while dancers and musicians create their own unique dialogue. As sound becomes colour and dance turns into music, watch the world grow into wondrous adventure.

Based in the Netherlands, de Stilte creates, de Stilte creates inspiring productions for children that explore the abstract world of the senses. Performing hundreds of shows for young audiences every year, de Stilte has toured internationally and is the most frequently travelled dance company from the Netherlands.

Created by Helene Jank and Jenia Kasatkina. Presented by Dance Umbrella in partnership with the Orbital Touring network

Cast & Creative

Creators: Jenia Kasatkina and Helene Jank
Choreography: Jenia Kasatkina
Music: Helene Jank
Costume: Jenia Kasatkina
Lighting Design: Ellen Knops
Set Design: Ellen Knops and Jenia Kasatkina


Jenia Kasatkina and De Stilte presented by Dance UmbrellaDo Re Mi Ka Do

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