About Far From Home

The Alleyne twins, Kristina and Sadé, deliver dance that demands respect.

Graham Watts, Dance Tabs

Far From Home brings to the stage the humanity of told and untold stories by voices not always heard.

Bringing Alleyne Dance’s dynamic, powerhouse style to the stage, Far From Home (FFH) is a hard-hitting, atmospheric, abstract narrative dance production exploring the topic of immigration. Performed by six dance artists and a supporting cast of non-professional movers recruited from the local community, the performance ensemble highlights the emotional and mental stresses of migrant families, as well as unpicking the meaning of tolerance and practice of integration and the impact on the communities where migrants 'settle'.

Alleyne DanceFar From Home

About the artists

Alleyne Dance is a UK based company with an international reach, founded in 2014 by award-winning dancers and twin sisters Kristina and Sadé Alleyne. The choreographic aesthetic reflects the sisters diverse background in athleticism and dance training. Within their abstract contemporary construct, Alleyne Dance blend West African, Caribbean, Hip Hop, Kathak and Circus Skills, delivered as fast paced and dynamic movement. They infuse lyrical and fluid motion, layered with rhythm and textures in physically powerful, yet graceful performances. Alleyne Dance strives for high quality and excellence as the Company delivers its three main objectives: performance, participation and development.

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Cast and Creatives

Concept and Choreography: Kristina and Sadé Alleyne
Kristina Alleyne, Sadé Alleyne, Bryan Doisy, Giorgia Gasparetto, Juan Jesus Guiraldi and Iro Konti
Produced by: Alleyne Dance
Production Manager:
Salvatore Scollo
Lighting Designer:
Salvatore Scollo
Stage Design:
Emanuele Salamanca
Costume Design:
Giulia Scrimieri
Composer and Musical Director:
Giuliano Modarelli
Nicki Wells
Fiona Graham

Co-commissioned by The Place London, Dance City Newcastle, and Dance East. Supported by The National Lottery Arts Council England Project Grant.

Photo of a desert with a person walking towards another person who is kneeling in the sand and leaning backwards.
Alleyne Dance - Far From Home

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