About Gaga for People

The Gaga for People classes will guide you through the Gaga methods.

About the class
  • Gaga for People classes invite you on “a physical exploration beyond your familiar limits, savouring the scope of your sensations, and connecting effort to pleasure, all with a sense of plenty of time” (source: gagapeople.com)
  • The class will help you develop your dance vocabulary
  • This class aims to increase physicality and musicality
Level Information
  • These classes are open to all levels of movement practice, from total beginners to people experienced in dance.
  • No former experience in a movement practice is required
  • Class will be delivered in an inclusive way and The Place welcomes queries around access needs

Mon 1 - Fri 5 Aug: Anoushka Jago
Mon 8 - Fri 12 Aug: Céline Barreau

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